01 November 2009


nothing quite beats a fresh new set of bedsheets...especially when you just want to pass out.

i honestly cannot believe its november all ready. as i drove down the road yesterday, with corey besides me, i couldnt help but gawk at the already naked branches. where did fall go? the leaves lasted but a moment. before we know it, winter gloom will be sneaking up on us {like fog and little cats feet}....one thing i look forward to, however, is all the talk of getting a membership at our new YMCA. winter has a tendancy to bring my mood to an ultimate low....but i do believe having the opportunity to get those endorphins pumping will dramactically effect my emotions. not to mention, they have a lazy river....talk about some r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

speaking of november....i think i am going to start thinking about the holidays. i know....not yet danielle! but oh....only i would start this early and still not be ready. ha. not to mention....this year i plan on being more original. im so sick of buying crap from mega-retailers "just-because"...this year i want more meaning in the gifts i give....

anyway....i think i am going to listen to some music and wait for the boy to call. sometimes it sucks how little we actually get to hang out. haha......and when we do....something gets vadelized and time gets wasted waiting for the police to come....haha.


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