06 November 2009

maypo and black coffee

i really wish i was motivated enough to run upstairs grab, my camera, find an empty memory card and run back down here to snap a shot of that beautiful sunrise outside the window. oranges, purple and blues...wrestling together in the sky...yeah. i think i can handle this. as most of you know (who follow me on here), 7:09 am is not a time i usually blog. let me put it this way...i woke up before my alarm clock and have everything almost ready to leave (although...its days like these i end up running behind..eventually). im going to make this quick because im sure ill be back on later....but hey, hey!! IT'S FRIDAY!!! (there was a teacher in my high school who, on fridays, would always let his class scream "IT'S FRIDAY" at the beginning of class...on fridays ofcourse).

in saying all of that, and i know i am a little behind, AND i know i said i wasnt going to make "lists"....(ive come to realize...i need my lists. im sorry....think of this more like a wish list)....but here are my AUTUMNAL GOALS!!!

there are rules mind you. (in order from keeping my list addiction to a minimum)...for instance....20 goals a month...no more....take my time, don't rush, don't try to complete them all in a day....ANYWAY....here goes it:

1. Make a "Thankful Thirty" (more to come on this goal later!!! im excited!!!)
2. Finish Jaime&Natalie's DVD (DONE!!!!)
3. Take the Handmade Challenge and come up with at least ONE handmade gift for each person this year for Christmas.
4. Continue to "Seek the Need" and then actually blog about it.
5. Read at least ONE (sounds easy....but my schedule....sheesh!) book by December
6. Leave comments regularly on at least 5 blogs
7. Buy a pair of TOMS with my birthday money
8. Watch 500 Days of Summer or any other Zooey Deschanel movie I've missed (or haven't missed...lol)
9. Make an AliEdwards paperbag book
10. Learn to knit
11. Get the sewing machine working
12. Go to the gym regularly
13. Finish "I'm not afraid of my future"
14. Commit to my camera; Daily Explorations
15. Create new blogger header w/ my old name: TREESLIKEGIANTS
16. Make my letter wall tree (pictures will follow when completed)
17. Start Joshua's monster
18. Get photos of Corey and I for his parents present
19. Make a Christmas wreath for my door
20. Start to gather/begin "you know what" for "you know who" (BWAHAHA)

okay. now i really have to go get ready. i have like 20 minutes before i have to walk out the door.
have a wonderful days!!

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” (Lao Tzu)


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