09 November 2009

kindness can change the world as we know it.

wow. i honestly cant believe that i have waited this long to blog tonight...but ive been keeping myself busy today. right after work i came home and helped out a bit around the house...then ate dinner, ofcourse....then hit up the gym. in the midst of all that, i tried to convince myself that i need to set aside more time for....well, me. i know that sounds a bit selfish...but in all reality my "me" time really isn't about me at all....it involves all of those around me. whether its my christmas present list...or even my mini-projects....my "me" time is about "them".

speaking of others...i am proud to say that today my friend mel and i have decided to take part in a little project called: help-portrait. i borrowed a video about it from youtube to help explain the whole concept. if you feel compelled to join, please visit http://www.help-portrait.com/ ...seriously...this is majorly Seeking the Need...

there are a couple more videos on the website {i think}....but anyway, there isn't a group for the port huron-ish area...just detroit...so mel and i are thinking about coming up with something...or working with the detroit group. i can only imagine what it feels like to make someone smile....this is the exact thing that i have been looking for {thanks jen for showing it to me!}...

another thing that i have been considering...thanks to keri smith {one of my favorite artists!}...is becoming a guerilla artist! you can read all about it on her website or in her book the guerilla art kit. pretty exciting stuff.....especially to get the creative juices flowing. i have even started to make some stuff to leave randomly wherever i go...i hopes of making someones day. did i mention i love keri smith? haha. for christmas, i REALLLLLLY want her book:
definitely feel free to purchase it for me. haha ;)
alright...i really should be heading to bed now. tomorrow i have to photograph school retake pictures....apparently not that many students were missing...so im assuming it will be different than last time....oh well :) i am ALWAYS up for a new experience.
before i head off to dream of glorious things {haha...riiiiight...i barely ever remember dreams} i need to mention the thing i am thankful for today.
my Thankful Thirty....#9 is....
my hands. you help me to clap. create. work. praise. make. type. play. write. feel. and so much more.....i thank God everyday that he has given me such useful tools. it is my ultimate goal and obligation not to let them sit idle.

i hope everyone had a wonderful monday! sleep tight & dream sweetly......


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