08 November 2009

i forgot to fit time in for a nap...oh sunday afternoon

after church...and after dad's wonderful homemade spaghetti sauce...then "band" practice {church}.....this is how i spent my afternoon:

{**disclaimer**....today was not a day of taking good pictures...i apologize ahead of time...the color/lighting it pretty horrible...at least to me...i took pictures for visual purposes only....}

1. i made cookie brittle....and boy, was it delicious.

2. i found this awesome book in the recipe drawer. my mom definately had the eye.

3. started some practice embroidery projects for my christmas presents. this is one of my pillow cases...it will eventually say "just let me sleep".....i plan on making a small collection of these. most likely in lighter colors.

i am super excited. it is only november 8th and i already have some things crossed off my november checklist. there are so many more things that i really need to add to it....but i made a promise. regardless, i will be busy. i have been trying to get my christmas present list in order. i have ideas for most of the ladies on the list. boys, you are difficult. haha. although i have one idea in mind for my brother....since he just may be reading this...i wont say what.

well....work will be here before i know it....so i am going to set up my "craft-list" for the week. im so geeked for the holidays its sick. haha.

until tomorrow...


p.s. how did YOU spend your lazy sunday afternoon?

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tiffany said...

your photographs are amazing!