19 November 2009

i can't help but want to sleep

my battery is slowly dying and yes...i am too lazy to get up and plug in my laptop.

i ran a lot today. no excuse though. im being lazy.

anyway....i was thinking about what i am thankful for....and i remembered a conversation that a couple co-workers and i had the other day...we began to talk about kids now days...and how so many of them are "robbed" from a childhood. with their busy schedules....enrolled in 5billion things...stimulated by everything but their own imaginations {don't read me wrong...i'm not anti-video games and anti-tv...definately not anti-computers/technology} but honestly....kids now have no clue how to be creative....it killed me two summers ago when we {day camp} went to the henry ford museum and there were a few boys who walked around with their DS mesmorizing them. i never see kids outside playing. making forts. going on adventures in the woods. i remember my parents having to hunt us down just so that we could eat....all because we were having too much fun riding bikes and creating secret hiding spots. so many kids hate to read...to curl up under a tree and get lost in pages....let alone write! ...its like the simple things are forgotten....i remember spending hours entertaining myself by spinning a button on a string....or better yet, playing cats cradle with my sister. am i wrong? i am surrounded by kids daily {from school to day camp} and it saddens me!!! now dont read me the wrong way...i understand that parents are busy and that not ALL children are this way...but...it just seems like nobody makes couches for barbie out of kleenex boxes anymore.....

so my thankful thirty #19 {my favorite number btw!} is this....a happy, fulfilling, adventerous, exciting, imaginative and totally kick-butt childhood!

now for something ridiculus. things i would buy corey....but not really {haha}:






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