08 November 2009

i am thankful for #8

.....my mouth. some people think i talk too much. too loud. and sometimes not enough. it is the instrument that delivers my voice. my words. my right to speak. my right to declare. my right to sing at the top of my lungs. my right to be silent. thank you God....may it only be used to glorify you.
i remember on my sixteenth birthday, brother kelly varner was staying with my grandparents in MA. they were having a conference at their church and he was a guest speaker....i remember we just so happened to be visiting for the conference....and stayed with my grandparents as well......i was talking, as usual...so im told, and brother varner stopped me mid-sentence and said "good god girl...youre loud"...

so many times i get ashamed when i talk too loud or too much. but then i think of how useful of a tool it can be. as i get "older" i have been trying to teach myself to be silent in the times that i need to be.....and to speak when i need to speak. (i am actually super shy at first....and get extremely nervous easily....haha)

thats all for now. its project time.....
ill try to post again later.


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