31 October 2009

our intentions were golden, but lack of consideration swallowed up our sunshine.

...i looked forward all week until today. saturday. the saturday after my&corey's birthday. the day where we were going to spend the day at partridge creek. go out to eat. hit the movies. then {unknown to him} i was going to take him back to caisee&danny's for a mini-surprise party! {cupcakes&great company....who could ask for more?}....instead...it all went down like this...
around noon i made my way to my bffs house so we could bake cupcakes for corey's surprise. it worked out perfectly....but i was running a little bit behind....i told corey i was going to pick him up at 1. it ended up being around 1:30ish...and when i got there...i saw him standing in awe...in shock....of this:

i honestly cannot begin to fathom the inconsideration of other people. it baffles me that people can be that ignorant. it saddens me that people like corey....who work hard for their money and are putting every dime they make into school...end up with things ruined because of the stupidity of others....luckily he has insurance....but we are praying that it is covered....what looks like happened {after using our horatio cane tactics} is two people literally ran up the front of the car, across the roof, then back down the rear window....they dented the roof/hood and smashed the window....its sick

by the time the cop showed up and we tried to get everything taken care of, we decided that a movie was something we werent in the mood for. we were starving so we still decided to go get taco bell....
.....as we ate, we just drove around and listened to music...trying to cool down....we drove all the way out to goodells park...just to look at the beautiful fall leaves and open our birthday gifts for each other. i bought corey a fannel plaid shirt and he got me a necklace&headband from urban outfitters.....oh, and this guy:

we debated on going to partridge creek or not....but i decided we needed to in order to kill time before the "surprise"...we got to partridge creek...walked around...then got pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks...which were absolutely delish, might i add?.....oh they also gave us VERY orange tongues.

after the creek, it was time to make the "surprise" happen. i tried to be sneaky so i drove around a little. then headed towards the mays. they live on a private drive so when i turned in, corey started freaking out {hahha...} "do they even know we are coming?!?!?!?".....but when we opened the door the cupcakes were awaiting us. {these also gave us very orange tongues} danny was eager to bite in...and caisee got to use her cute martha stewart poison wrappers. haha....it was a good conclusion to a ridiculus day. i even snagged ashlind in for a picture with her crazy glasses....

thats all for tonight. i am watching edward scissor hands then hitting the sack.

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