29 September 2009

pocket watches and bunny holes.

it's a quarter to 8...if i don't get moving...yeah, i'll be late...so that's all the time...i'll leave for this rhyme...

ha. okay so sometimes i get carried away...but i can't help it. i thought i would jot a quick note on my lonely blogger before i head off to school.

its amazing how long my list keeps getting.
and while i sleep, i dream.
vivid dreams.
not like i ever had before.
and then it makes me scared&happy because my list begins to shrink.
things i am doing.
not just sitting.
(so i make up some words.)
then i wake up.
i grind my coffee.
and press repeat on my brain.
paranoia? yes.
wrinkles...and warning signs.
ahhhhh! i need to do it.
and stop making lists....

blah. i ramble. this is not th epost i meant to create. but sometimes.....the heart wants, what the heart wants!


okay...i must go to work.
until then,

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