01 September 2009

house of leaves

as i began to get ready for my day, words flooded into my brain...{this sort of thing tends to happen when im not all go, go, go!}...i began to hear the words {and im definitely NOT quoting...its just the gist of it} of a book i read a few years ago, that really interested me....

it was about a house. a house, whose measurements inside were much greater than the measurements on the outside.

when i read that, i almost skipped right through it...thinking nothing of the concept or reality of the statement. i mean, how many houses do YOU know that measure LARGER on the inside than the outside? ...yeah...thats what i thought.

now if i can truly grasp this...id like to say i most jealous of this house...but ah!! the bible says that we are the house...and if we have Him in our lives....how great will our inside measure?! you better believe we are bursting at the seams....

just something to think about.

happy september {one}


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AmbulatoryCorrie said...

love this! something to aspire to