09 September 2009

good morning sun, i am a bird.

i don't know why i bother to iron these pants. the very minute i sit, is the very minute they crease...and stay creased. i suppose if i never ironed them though, i would definately never wear them. hmmm.....life long lesson of the day, perhaps?

rather than letting it get tossed to the wayside, get the iron out all the time.

as dad says in church, "you'll get that"

{ w e d n e s d a y } already. times just seems to fly by. the days are getting darker, faster and i cannot sleep completely through the night. i really need to start meeting my pillow earlier. these oh-so- early-mornings will just kill me. i am sure of it.

fifteen minutes and i should probably leave for work. fifteen minutes. yesterday was somewhat of an "out-of-body" experience. i felt sooooo lazy because there was nothing for me to do. or at least, no one told me to do anything. typically this is fine, i just didn't want to look like a loaf on my first day. as if it weren't bad enough that i could barely sit up. {i'm telling you, i need some sleep for this body...} maybe today...maybe

last night i went out with the bestie. its amazing how a cup of coffee&good conversation can put an ease to things. as usual, cais and i grabbed our stack of mags, sat and listened to our words dance with the rain outside starbucks window. it was quite a productive evening. we talked of birthdays and haunted plantations. vacations and future living spaces. we're thinking of starting to take walks....just a few minutes out of each day to exchange words and enjoy each others company...

alright. i must say goodbye.

"Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do."
Gerry Sikorski


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