16 September 2009


okay...so i couldnt go two whole days without blogging....but let me tell you, IM EXHAUSTED. i need to start reading the thesaurus so i can come up with better words for tired....hahaha. anyway, you get the point.

i can't believe we are halfway through our second week of school already. man, time flies....although i have to say, i feel like we may have been there longer....i dont know.

tonight, after church, we watched a little bit of that new show called glee....it was kind of funny...the quote of the night "...i bust your windows outchor car"...yeah...long story, but we were all cracking up.

i had the opportunity to tickle the ivories tonight. it was fun. i wish i was more dedicated to setting aside time each day to play. i just have the tendency of getting super lazy these days. its stupid....playing only a couple times a week is not the "danielle" i once was...i used to play {guitar} until my fingers bled....man....those were the days.

alright....i have a big weekend ahead so i am going to try to take in as much sleep as humanly possible.

tomorrow is supposed to be "double-date"...haha...gotta love caisee&danny <3 {its been awhile since all 4 of us have hung out}

friday i am going to a nostalgic concert...yes, CARMEN! haha....with steph...then spending the night because we have some makeup/facial appointment thing on saturday{hahaha...i have no clue what i got myself into...some girly thing...she signed us up}

also on saturday {when i get home} i am meeting up with the corMAN and heather scissorhands for a photoshoot. she asked us to be models...and gosh! i cant remember that last "good" picture weve taken.

sunday is my hallelujah day. hallelujah i have nothing going on! hahah....then the grind starts over....

but yeah.....busy, busy, busyyyyy.

until then,
goodnight S L E E P TIGHT{nobedbugs....just xoxo}

<3 miss danielle elizabeth

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