07 September 2009

five am

this is the time i am setting my alarm clock for. why, might you ask? tomorrow is the first day of school. my first day at landmark academy. i cant help but be excited....and nervous....all at the same time. in one sense, i feel like i am far beyond even being close to ready....but in the same, i am a teachers assistant...meaning i assist. tomorrow is somewhat of a big step. its a "real" job. i am not a cashier....i am not a sales associate...i am not a coffee barista. i am a teacher. weird...all those years of schooling and its time to "grow up". kind of scary if you ask me. it has been putting me in a funky mood lately too. that stuck mood. where...i dont know what to do next.

ten-thirty is on the brink...and i need my sleep.

until tomorrow, when dawn breaks.....

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