12 September 2009

{cherry poptarts}

...okay...so i havent had them in years, but they taste exactly the same...briefly delicious{at least i believe your tongue is tricked into thinking that}, yet all they are, are unsatisfying, highly-caloric&chemical infested pieces of cardboard....

...in other news, PHHS Big Reds mudered our cross-town rivals {i'll leave the name annonymous for those of you who like to cry}...but the score was 49-28...oh yeah, did i mention, PHHS won ;)

i feel kind of bad since yesterday was 9/11 and i never had the opportunity to blog about it. i thought about it all day...the words to write, that may bring comfort to those people and families who mourn.....the sad thing is, it is only 2009....and i do believe, people have forgotten....yes, it was a horrible tragedy, but it spoke volumes of our country. i'm not talking about those who fought so hard to protect us, i am talking about all of the inactive, self-absorbed people who just took it as another day in our easy-peasy american lifestyle....and never changed. if anything, we should have learned in that moment that life can change drastically in the blink of an eye...we always need to be on-guard....and if you think i am talking about a specific group of people, i am not....oh how does the old saying go? united we STAND, divided we FALL.....

on a lighter note....i am completely revamping my room today. we'll...mostly my clothes...i have acquired new stuff, yet being the sentimental pack-rat i can tend to be at times....my drawers are bursting at the seams {?} ....for heaven's sake, my jeans are folded and stacked on my floor and my closet doesn't even have enough hangers...its not because i buy a lot...i just don't get rid of anything....i have shirts that i never wear because my mini-career at sam's club destroyed them.....and pants practically ripped to shreads because "regular" jeans are still too long....

alas, it's 9:37...i have stuff to do, i guess...

-clothes revamp
-get my brakes fixed
-get two new tires on my car
-bring something back to the store
-go to the bank
-and if time permits....read&create{i have a list}

until then,

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