28 August 2009

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." {alberteinstein}

today was a nice day. i won't lie, i am beginning to love the fall. don't get me wrong...i will always be a summer girl at heart, but the fall somehow brings comfort to me. {don't even get me started about winter...my lord, how i loathe it.} funny how the seasons reflect life. you go through a new beginnings period {spring}...a youthful, bright and exciting time {summer}...and then there is fall...i feel like its a time of maturing...something that is hard for me to grasp. those who know me, know that when you find your way into my comfort zone...i am not all silence...oh heavens, no. the exact opposite actually....there is a time and place for that....but at the moment, i am ready to enter into autumn. into another level.

today, immediately after work, i had some errands to run. i was already exhausted {all of this training has finally caught up to me}...the post office was the last place i wanted to go {not to mention the bank and everywhere else on my list}...when i entered the post office, there was quite a long line. i couldn't help but overhearing the lady in front of me complaining....grouch-ingly spewing her thoughts about the postal service and why it was ridiculus that it cost so much to send a card. in my impatience {waiting in line} it occured to me, how awful this woman sounded....and how awful i must sound everytime that i let words of complaint come from my mouth. i began to remember the times when i cashiered and people "expressed" themselves to me....and how it made me feel....i recollected all the conversations i have on a daily basis...thinking of how my conversations have been swallowed with complaints. i thought of how many times i must have sounded like this woman who stood in front of me...it made me sad. when it was my turn, the postal lady felt complied to make a comment about the woman. i politely smiled and handed her my package. as i left, i told the lady to have a wonderful day...a wonderful weekend. her face looked shocked...then glowed. as i walked back to my car, i began to think of how simple it would be to change things....if we could consume our time and engery with words of worth rather than words of hate....how much better would we be off?

just something to think about.


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AmbulatoryCorrie said...

my pastor always says...your words either tear someone down or build them up; bring them closer to God or further away