23 August 2009

my so called life.


yes, this has been my summer. and by golly, i'll be the first to say...it's gone quick. i don't think i was able to even breathe these past couple weeks...or longer. then yesterday, for the first time in literally forever, i didn't set my alarm clock. there was no need. thank the lord.

so for those of you who don't know, i got the teacher's assistant position at Landmark Academy. after all the training i have already gone through, it's hard to believe that my first day was just last monday....tomorrow i will begin yet another week of it. i am working in a 7th and 8th grade ELA classroom beginning two weeks from now....i am slightly bummed to not have a classroom of my own....but the Bible says God gives us the little things to see how we can handle the big things. i am trusting in Him that eventually a job will open up {with more benefits..heck ANY benefits...} but right now...this is where i am.

well. early mornings come too quick. i will post pics from becca's wedding hopefully tomorrow.....

goodnight, moon.


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