24 August 2009

"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" {eleanor roosevelt}

i get excited when God brings new people into my life. especially those who have the same heart. {it helps when their passion for things is similar too}

during my long training at work i've managed to make friends with another TA, also new to Landmark Academy this year. last week we had small chit-chat, but today was different. it's not often i have heart to hearts with people, let alone about God. by the "end" of our conversation, we were talking about starting up a bible study. even though it's not all thought out yet, i am excited. it's like a glimmer of hope..in all honesty. its hard going day after day, being let down by those around you who just needed to be lifted up. i feel like God has a great plan for my life and it's my job to seek after Him more. with that all said, i can't help but express how overly-joyed i am today.


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