05 July 2009

i have decided {at least for now}

...that next year will be a year of NO solo-weddings. i may just begin there. in the craziness i have bestowed upon myself this summer...i have started to {i don't want to say "lose"; i don't know the right word to put here} my passion for it. NOT photography....but wedding photography. don't take this wrong. i love each and everyone of my clients this year and last, AND i love doing weddings still...i just find myself no longer taking pictures in the special moments for myself. i know longer carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE i go. i am growing as a photographer...in a sense....but i long for more. after this current wedding season, i think i am going to take a hiatus....for experimental sake. who knows....i'll probably change my mind come next may....but i feel a lot of pressure already concerning a couple weddings i have already accepted for 2010.

til then,

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