24 June 2009

yay! my shoulders are burnt!

no folks. that is not sarcasim. i am estatic because step one of my tanning process is now over. my shoulders may be crispy and destined for melenoma, but i'll be tan! haha. how pathetic and vain am i? you would think i would learn by now.

today we went to spencer beach. it was like a million degrees out and i refuse to swim at spencer. why? its an inland lake. danielle does not do inland lakes. why? one word: ecoli. yep. i do not need to go on. let me put it this way, "going in the water" today for me meant rinsing off in the outdoor showers ;)

...ironically i am not tired from last night. the movie i thought was alright. i mean...i would watch transformers again....but i definately wouldn't pay for it twice. i don't know. i guess it was just simply o k a y .

corey was {and still is} sick with a cold/allergy combo...so before the movie we went to walmart to stock up on some meds. in the process of getting out of the car {listening to corey sing hannah montana} we bumped into a van-full of every avenue. haha. yeah, josh dave and the crew were getting out right when we were...so we all walked around walmart for a little while and caught up.

its funny how you see people you used to always hang out with when you go out late and not go to bed at 10pm.

anyway....im going to play some guitar hero with the boys.

beach tomorrow! as long as there are no thunderstorms.....


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