23 June 2009



i made a promise to myself that this summer was going to be a good one...and after last nights' extremely exhausted/ridiculus mental break down...i'm ready to welcome summer with open arms.

i know i haven't been on in awhile and my reason for that is because everytime i seem to write, its due to an anxiety attack. i had one yesterday. a bad one. and i apologize to corey since he had to listen to me on the phone completely freaking out. i think its quite rude when you barely get to talk to a person, then you ramble on an complain. i thank-you for being patient with me.

anyway, i am done dealing with yesterday. it's a thing of the past and like i said, i'm ready to make every moment count this summer. time goes by too quickly.

my goal this summer is to be active. try new things. by happy.

once again {for those who don't already know} i am working yet another summer at the day camp. {what is it, year 6 now? hahaha} this year corey is working with me, so wooo! that's something new. yesterday we went to the zoo. it was wicked hot and i won't lie, it was probably the most miserable trip to the zoo that i have ever taken {i have the k-2 group}. hot. sweaty. sticky. looooong.

i am taking a couple photography classes this summer. my teachers are absolutely amazing {yay to rosie&shawn}. i have already learned so much in two sessions...i look forward to more.

i bought a skateboard. i have always wanted to do it and i am. i pretty much can only ride it right now {no tricks}....i need someone to show me. my fear has started to dwindle as far as hopping on it and stuff....

i am about to start a new book series. book one: the uglies. i'll let you know how it goes.

i also have a ton of weddings and the de[foto} street team this summer......oi! lots of work to do....

now, with all of that said....my list has things that have yet to be touched....

i want to play music everyday. yes, my guitar and piano. i want to write music again....

i want to run. like, it would be amazing to actually run in a race. i am totally interested because running is something i HATE to do but i know i give up too easily.

i want to go to bonfires. have bonfires. roast marshmellows.

i want to go to the beach. a lot.

i want to find a job for fall. know of any teaching openings???

i want to go to ann arbor. to the children's museum. to much more.

...there is much more...but you get the idea. this summer is going to be a good one. i can feel it in my bones.

WELL, i need to go get ready. i am going to see the opening for transformers with corey&co. {haha} i am SO excited. we never get to hang out. saturday we are going to see fireworks!!!

this is a happy girl.


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