08 June 2009

sunsets and silhouette dreams...

so i've been editing pictures from ashley and matt's wedding all night...but thanks to this thunderous storm outside my window...my internet is being quite difficult. everytime i try to load a picture, it decides that it doesn't want to. i'm not even sure if this blog will end up submitting...so i'll keep it short.
four days left of school. FOUR DAYS. i can't help but be honest that i am quite ready for it. unfortunately, job hunting has been quite tough right now. i can't find any openings around here at all. just keep me in your prayers...because it is definately all in Gods hands.
i substitute teach tomorrow...half day again...i really would like to finish eclipse....but lately i can't get the students to settle down enough to where i can concentrate. we will see what tomorrow brings.
alright. i'm going to try to upload once again....here's to that!

peace&love everyone <3

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