25 June 2009

my god, it's only 9:59pm?

oh. make that 10pm. definitely my bed time. today has been one of those weird kind of days. first farrah and now michael...not to mention my car hit 44,444 miles the minute i rolled into the driveway and ever since i woke up this morning it felt like friday.
it was another crisper day too. spent it at lakeside beach with the day camp kiddies. not so bad, actually really enjoyable today. a couple of the little girls have really taken a liking to me. one makes me friendship bracelets, another colors me pictures and writes "i love danielle" around the edges. we sang the hippapotamus song all day long.
tomorrow we hit up the pool. my skin kind of cringes at the thought. i should have been a little more careful, but my god. i have color.
i am having a photoshoot session with my de{foto} team saturday. i won't lie, i'm pretty excited for it. that day also beholds fireworks in the evening. i cannot wait. simply because...well...its on my summer list. oh let the hallelujahs ring.
well...im whipped. tomorrow is it for the week, so to speak. pizza with the fam. relaxing in the pm. as for now...im off to sleep.

tomorrow is supposed to be nice! get up, go out! because i'll be following the sun...


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