11 June 2009

excuses, excuses.

first and foremost, i have to say that i am UBER excited for this de{foto} fresh-face contest. haha. i have quite a few submissions and a MILLION ideas. along with those million ideas...i have a million things to do.

i swear, my list is NEVER empty. i pile project upon project upon project. this is my current project/to do list:

1. Teaching Portfolio
2. Photography Portfolio/Website Update
3. Finish the Twilight Saga
4. Get my LLC
5. Apply for Teaching Jobs
6. Get Ready for Day Camp
7. Organize de{foto} Street Team {Press Kits, etc.}
8. Finish Editing Matt&Ashley's Wedding Pictures
9. Finish Editing Kevin&Tristin's Engagement Pictures
10. Take Stephanie&Justin's Engagement Pictures
11. Take Janel&Josh's Engagement Pictures
12. Order More Business Cards
13. Exercise!
14. Create More Adventures with Zola
15. Start my Summer Reading List

so yeah....these are all things that need to be started...5-days ago. haha.

tomorrow is the last day of school! i get to go to lakeport state park with the 5th graders.....then its SUMMERRRRRRR! {dispite the weather!}

i'll be on later to post my summer reading list. i bought a new book today!

til then,

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