07 June 2009


\ˈdel-ˌyüj, -ˌyüzh; ÷də-ˈlüj, ˈdā-ˌlüj\

noun: an overwhelming amount or number

i havent blogged in about a week. well, since i got back from MA. basically, i am completely sick of looking at the computer screen {thanks to editing...haha} 3 weddings in 2 weeks...not to mention the engagement shots i did yesterday. as you can guess, taking pictures for "fun" {yeah, as in that 365 experiement i considered doing to become familiar with my camera...} has been placed somewhat on the back-burning. i have two more engagement shoots to set-up, do, then edit...and if i can get them done this week...then i will have the rest of june to "relax" until my july weddings start up.
in other news, WHEN IS THIS WEATHER GOING TO WARM UP? talk about bi-polar! ill admit this...i havent stressed about exercise or bathing suits or anything like that yet because it still looks like winter out! haha.

YIKES! i lost track of the time....i need to finish getting ready for church. ill write more later.

so i heard this, this morning on the gospel music channel....brings me back to my "youth" hahaha.

be careful little children what you see...be careful little children what you hear...for the father up above he is looking down in love....so be careful little children what you see...

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