07 June 2009

CONTEST: de{foto} is looking for fresh faces...

...and it could be YOU!

diverse, young and inspiring individuals who are interested in being part of the de{foto} team. I am currently in the process of building both the senior&portrait sections of my photography portfolio and am looking for FIVE new faces. Not only will you become a model for de{foto}, but you will also be a part of the street team and spread the word (pass out flyers, business cards, etc.)! so whether you are a soon to be senior, currently a senior, or could pass for a senior...READ ON!

*Photo-sessions! (Each photo-session we have, you get to keep FIVE of your favorite shots for FREE....you can print them, upload them as facebook/myspace profile pictures, etc.)*Discounts! (For every referral, you will receive discounts...you could even earn free photoshoots....think senior pictures!)*Publicity! (As a model for de{foto}, you will see your face on defotography.com, business cards/flyers, de{foto} networking sites like myspace and facebook, etc.)*Opportunity! (Think of this as a way to meet new people! To build your own portfolio! Or just for something interesting to do!)

Send me ( defotography@gmail.com ) your name, age, photo of yourself or link to your myspace/facebook and a creative reason for WHY you want to be part of the de{foto} team. All applicants must be entered by next sunday....if by next sunday not many have applied, i may consider an extension. I understand it is the last week of school and things are pretty hectic....but as of right now, entries must be in by June 14th :) finalists may end up on the blog....allowing de{foto} followers to vote!invite friends. make it fun. peace&lovedanielle

***DISCLAIMER***Since many of you are UNDER 18, before any pictures are ever taken...your parent/guardian will have to sign a model release form. Don't let this sidetrack you from applying! It's really easy and will be emailed to you upon applying.

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