18 May 2009

{returning to my first...er...second love}

today i got to thinking about how many times i have betrayed you, my dearest blogger. oh how you've been there for me over time...okay, so maybe not as much as xanga...but needless to say, (and the starting line said it best)..but i lost my way with words.

may is quickly coming to a close and i am determined to make this summer, the summer of ENJOYING LIFE. yes. i have let too much get me down and in the process, i have lost track of time and happiness. there are so many things that bring me joy and i am ready to partake in them once again.

can i get a whoop!? whoop!?


anyway, part of my summer of enjoyment is taking more time in "the word"...i mean, it does say that the joy of the Lord is our strength...doesn't it? another thing that i am doing is creating a summer reading list. so if anyone has any suggestions....throw them my way! (although i may just reread the twilight books a gazillion more times) i have already started my learning endeavor concerning all things relating to my camera....but i plan to further that education as well....speaking of progressing things that i already am doing, i have been playing music almost everyday again. i am starting to finally callous on my fingers from the guitar again...i can feel it as i type (and while i tickle the ivories)...last but not least, i would like to dive more into my creative side. i used to allow myself all the time in the world to "C-R-E-A-T-E" (paint, draw, sew, fill in the blank)...but once again, i allowed time to consume me.

but alas, blogger. i plan to utilize you more....starting NOW. be my tool of release. hahaha.

anyway, i subbed for the high school again today and...GASP!...it was art class. after being bored through first hour, i took out my well-worn but hardly used drawing pad and decided that i would doodle a bit....in the process...i had a doodle-revelation...meet my {muse}...her name is ZOLA. i have a feeling that you will definately see more of her....

{zola1: this is what i have to tell myself sometimes; zola2: this i how i feel about students who arent careful about the conversations they keep}


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