19 May 2009

let's take the moon and make it shine for everyone

so it's official. i spent seriously like 95.9% of my day on the computer. no lie. thank god i did sub...and subbed at the high school at that. i won't say that it was a complete waste though. i did have the opportunity to catch up on some reading.

learning the "correct" photography techniques on your own, is a lot of hard work. it is an every going process...and i'll admit, i am far from knowing anything. it would be nice to have a complete day where i can experiment with lighting and things like that. i get sick of taking pictures of the same old mug all the time (cough....mine....cough)...so i need to start recruiting some models! (i already have a few fresh faces that have volunteered)...

speaking of the same old mug, im thinking about doing a 365 (flickr has a ton of examples)...one picture, each day...not bad i'll say. hopefully i can see a progression and growth as the days pass...

one last thing....i think it's finally time for me to upgrade! upgrade! thats right folks...i'm planning on buying the nikon d90. it's only a matter of time.

NOW, back to my day....i think i will retract a few percentage points because i did have another fantastical {musing} with ZOLA! i am not going to add the picture today because i am not completely finished. i will tell you this much though, i think this one is my favorite thus far. i promise i won't let you down.

well...i think i am done updating for tonight. so far, no job for tomorrow. it would be nice to have a break...but its hard to turn down $85!



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