28 April 2009

tell me, tell me can you feel the pressure?

well...one thing is for sure, im find it just lovely that my resume is still a blank word document...and my portfolio? ha. lets not even go there. HOWEVER, i have taught myself how to play the very beginning of bella's song! and im progressing quite well in eclipse. AND i also began to redecorate my room by plastering my walls with my fisheye pics. (okay...so not exactly plastering...but scotch tape...ha)...the unfortunate thing is, i took a half of a day job at the high school so that i could get my resume/portfolio done. so not only did i take half of a days pay, i also accomplished nothing that i planned. what can i say? motivation has never really suited me well. i am the type who will get things done, eventually....that is, unless i deem them really important. somehow, my order of importance is skewed....because twisted in my brain is the notion that reading eclipse is way more important than finding a job. fine and dandy now...but when fall comes around...my wallet will be crusin' for a brusin', thats for sure.
*sigh*...now im watching the mentalist...its an alright show...the family likes it. as you know im not a huge tv person...id much rather be doing something...speaking of which, im going to web-surf some engagement and senior shoots for ideas...i have clients on saturday and sunday!

peace&love, danielle.

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