03 February 2009

okay...so i suck at posting blogs...

here is where my stress level has been lately....
i dont feel like typing out, so i am going to cut&past a convo i had with caisee....hahha...well not a total convo...kind of just me venting! haha, thats what best friends are for, right?

Caisee wrote
at 6:13pm
how is teaching kiddos treating you miss? ♥

Danielle Elizabeth wrote
at 6:42pm
hahaha....well....lets just say today was a lot better then yesterday. remember how i said i was excited because my teacher was absent and i was going to get to substitute teach and get paid? and its like $100 a day? well....i show up yesterday and come to find out, my papers never got sent over (somehow the school didnt transfer them or something) anyway, i couldnt legally sub and get paid. so we had a sub...i did all the work...she got paid to sit an buy lane bryant clothes online....to top it off, my teacher was out again today and will be out again tomorrow. so i missed out on $300!!! because of their mistake. i was super mad yesterday...but today i was better. i now have to get a physical and drug test AGAIN tomorrow. stupid. to top it off, the sub sucks. she pretneds like she is "all knowing"...at least the kids have been good. i am so ready for the weekend! how are you my ♥ ???

haha. okay. so thats it in a nutshell.....

but listen...i have big plans. ill write more later <3

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