20 December 2008

{it's beginning to look a lot like christmas}


warm new england home. snow falling outside the window. charlie brown christmas tree encompased about by a glistening village. most of all, love.

i am estatic to be in massachusetts right now. despite the long and snowy drive, its good to finally be "home". yes, this place is home...because what they say is true- home IS where the heart is. i love my family and its good to be surrounded by them all.

this trip is going to be longer than normal (which is great)...i am hoping to relax...de-stress...and get focused on this upcoming new year. a new chapter in my life. i am so pleased to have the opportunity to quit my job for student teaching this upcoming semester. its going to be tight, but i believe its right.

well, i am going to unpack and visit with the family.

be safe everyone!