24 November 2008

{here and gone}

okayyyy. so i guess plans have changed. no becca + danielle time today.

{days off}

are far and few in between. let me tell you!...oh wait, probably dont have to b/c i usually do. anyway, im uber excited b/c im going shopping with my sister today. we rarely see each other let alone get to hang out. she has class tonight so we cant stay out long AND i have more homework due tomorrow. big surprise! okay....my hair is starting to dry and i cant believe im even functioning b/c i havent had coffee yet....


23 November 2008

{oh lordy! its the 23rd}

how quickly time flies when you're having fun right? haha. riiiiiight. i just finished writing my IOP, lesson plan 3 AND my reflection for lesson plan 2 and i realized...WOOHOOOO...school is almost out for the holidays. i am extremely ecstatic. with that being said, my time at sams may be nearing its end. im not sure yet, but i was already "so politely informed" that i would not be receiving my holiday time this year and that i would be unable to go to MA for christmas....um HA! thats all i have to say about that...right? i mean, starting january i will be student teaching 40-hours a week. the easy thing to do is just not work for a couple months and focus on graduation...unfortunately that is out of the picture. i not only have a monthly phone bill and to pay for this semester...but thanks to the g6, i also have a car payment. i know, i know. big whoop! but when your bank account is at 0...you gotta work. anyway, i am leaving for a meeting at calicoast in about 30-minutes. yep, thats right. the coffee place is taking me back under their wing. i figured i can pick up a few hours here and there and meet my bills. hopefully it will all work out. regardless, im not worrying about money. life is too short. god will supply my needs...i know it. i can only do so much.

oh! before i go, i wanted to mention....i went and saw TWILIGHT this past friday night. it was relatively good. like i said, i am sorry...i am not an obsessed fan but i do enjoy the books....they are very entertaining. so please, dont mistake me for one! haha. b/c those of you who are, i would just disappoint you if i even made that claim. haha.

alright, ill probably be on later...meeting time!