18 November 2008

{my lord, its after 8:00!}

so i got home from student teaching at 3...took a nap until about 4 then briefly ate...i decided to lay back down on the couch around 4:30 and fell asleep until now! whew! i probably wont sleep tonight now...

more favorite things:


17 November 2008

{pulling my hair out}

as you know, i've been quite stressed...but i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...FINALLY

speaking of hair..."hair" are a few more of my favorite things {boo. i know, i know. lame joke. haha}

{her hair}

{the cell & ipod need a little fringe too}

{well you tell me, what isnt to like?}

{dolce vita}

{i know what you are thinking...brrr!}

{ahh..lets not forget love-interest jenny lewis...haha..her green dress is amazing}

16 November 2008


okay....so is it honestly possible to complete hours...heck, DAYS of work and still feel like you havent made a dent? so all of my teachers have decided to pile up all of our work for the very last minute...ohhh and make it due RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS. nice, huh?