05 November 2008

{boo for creepers}

im telling yah, if you ever feel the need to get hit on...work at sams...halloween started a new obsession for a creeper i had never met before...and it continues til today...

here's the story...so this dude walks into sams club {i was covering a "door break" at the time....you know the person who greets you then marks your receipt?...anyway} this guy walks in the EXIT door {brilliant one there} and decides to strike up conversation...basically it consisted of me standing there with a dulling highlighter in my hand, listening to a single-sided convo...i didnt feel compelled whatsoever to befriend this "young gentleman" {nix the gentleman thing...i mean he is definately in his twenties but...}favorite quote from the whole thing:

"wow. you're um...you're um...really pretty...i could like totally just stand here and talk to you all day."

can we say CREEPER?!?!?! i wasnt even talking!!! to top it all off he gives me his number adding the whole "i dont know if you have a boyfriend or not but..." tag to the end. ummm....yeah....sorry buddy!

my cashier "friends" [hahah} were all like "he gave you his number?!?! he is sooooo hot!!!!" i told them to have it. then hoped the whole thing would blow over....did it?


i get into work today and first thing that happens is a "cashier" friend of mine says "danielle, this good looking guy came in asking if you were working today....i didnt think it was corey though..."

knowing that corey would NEVER step foot into sams club {alone} i knew it had to be someone else. {SO IF IT WAS YOU LET ME KNOW} because all i can think of is that it has GOT to be that dude. my reasoning? he came through my line later today and the first thing he says is:

"SO what? is your phone broken?"

classy huh? i thought so too. basically he is one of those condescending types whose macho-man-im-gods-greatest-gift-since-sliced-bread-attitude/ego just gets angry when he is rejected.

in all honesty, he scares the heck out of me!!!...oi. whats a girl to do?


{habakkuk 1}

so i promised this awhile ago, but things have been quite busy as you can imagine. since we last spoke {or read or did whatever we do in blogger world}we have gained a new president of the united states: obama ....you all know how i feel about politics anyway...and i would be writing this same blog REGARDLESS of who won the election....because to me, all politicians are liars and i will not put my trust in a single man unless that man is god...because boy oh boy...man fails...but god, well...how can he?

ooooh, danielle. heavy topics today...mixing religion AND politics...the two no-no conversation pieces at dinner parties! yikes! but ah, i dont care. honestly...take it or leave it...but for what it is worth...this is my blog and god bless america cuz i have freedom of speech {well...to a degree...but dont make me go there}

anyway! like i said, yesterday was a hard time for me. i fully believe that everyone should vote. but i was torn completely in two. being a future teacher and not that high up on the economic scale i was totally for obama winning. however, on the moral scale {OR SO CALLED...b/c like i said, they all lie...hahah} i was for mccain. so YES. i did vote yesterday. NO, i wont say who for...because regardless of what i put on my ballot {which dont take this the wrong way} it doesnt matter. either man could have won...because in the end the only man i can put my trust in is GOD.

haha. so congratulations to our new president. i pray that the "change" promised moves in the direction and in the heart of god. i hOpe that there is a betterment of society. and i wish him luck, because holding a country on your shoulders is a mighty heavy burden.

NOW, for what i really came on here to talk about....HABAKKUK. i already mentioned how he was a dude that we could all take a few pointers from...he lived by faith even through the troubled times....even when he couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel he knew god was really there. he demanded gods attention...and i think in this day and age...we better start demanding gods attention...

today i will be reading from the message bible because i like the way its so forward. dont take the easy route though, read it in the nkj version or something to, to get to the true text....

the beginning of the verse begins with "GOD, how long do i have to cry out for help before you listen? How many times do i have to yell, 'Help! Murder! Police!' before you come to the rescue?"

this continues until about verse 5 when God finally says LOOK!!

"Look around at the godless nations {hmmmm....sound familiar to anyone????}. look long and hard. brace yourself for a shock. something's about to take place and you're going to find it hard to believe. i'm about to raise up babylonians to punish you, babylonians, fierce and ferocious--world conquering babylon, grabbing up nations right and left, a dreadful and terrible people, making up its own rules as it goes...they're out to kill. death is on their minds...they mock kings, poke fun at generals, spit on forts, and leave them in the dust. they'll all be blown away by the wind. brazen in sin, they call strentgh their god."

obviously habakkuk had a thing or two to say about this...

"...rock-solid god, you gave them the job of discipline? but you can't be serious! YOU can't condone evil!...this is outrage! evil men swallow up the righteous and you stand around and watch!"

then in chapter 2 this is what god commanded him to do...

"write this. write what you see. write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. this vision-message is a witness pointing to whats coming. it aches for the coming and can hardly wait! and it doesn't lie. if it seems slow in coming, wait. its on its way. it will come right on time."

the rest of chapter 2 {which ill finish at another time} goes on explaining how men are bloated by self-importance...full of themselves and soul-empty. that the only real way to be alive is to be in right standing before God, loyally and steady believing. people might think i have changed. or that i am crazy. or that im "in a cult" for believing what i believe in. but i dont criticize or condem them for their beliefs. it saddens me that we, as humans {especially americans} are unsatisfied creatures, a needy breed of discontentment... i truly believe that is why our country has fallen so far from god. our foundation. the foundation of our country. we have seen a lot of bad things. but heres the kicker folks....there are more to come. dont give up on god...he wont give up on us.

{ d a n i e l l e }

03 November 2008


its been a long time. i should have left you. with outta doubt. step....WAIT! i would never leave you. hahhaa....sorry i apologize for my lack of updates as of lately. i have been wicked busy {woah, i never said you HAVENT heard it before} anyway, its monday night...i am about to watch SNL's presidential bash 2008 and eat some oreos. i would say its a good way to begin a week...especially after the weekend i had.

speaking of presidents....ah...im still undecided....i think im getting an ulcer from this whole thing. vote for a "communist" {haha} or vote for someone who wants to give all of our jobs to the communists. nice...

my head has been cloudy for days. sinus' hurt to the max. i cant breathe and when i can its only half-hearted. on top of it my vision is wicked blurry. kinda freaked me out....still kind of does {im making an eye appointment tomorrow} cuz even with my glasses on i cant see very well. so yeah....ive been sick, what a birthday present!

speaking of birthday presents. i got a lot of cute things. maybe ill take pictures and ellaborate later. im so exhausted. my sister did get me a compilation curious george book! its wicked adorable and vintage-kid-like. i love it.

today i met my 5th graders. the ones i will be teaching 40-hours a week, no pay come this january. woooo! they were pretty cool. and i like my teacher.

i met up with stephanie today to talk about wedding pictures. i will be photographing her wedding next october. we drank coffee and chatted quite awhile.

tomorrow is class all day. THEN VOTE. for who? im not sure....but you have the chance to "make a difference" hahha.....great.

i got called sarah palin or tina fey 7000000 times this weekend. glasses? umm....brown hair? i dont get it.

obama is kinda fun to say. i dont know why.

oh politics.

this year is making history....i guess.

mccain looks like a turtle. and he is talking on snl right now...and is actually making me laugh...and its not just because of his creepy smile.

wow. im talking politics...hahha not really...im gonna watch the bash now. go watch it.