24 October 2008

{kelly varners conference was great}

he talked about almost EVERYTHING i said two posts ago. who said you cant have fun at church on a friday night?

now....i wanna go watch the office episode i missed last night, fall asleep and SLEEP IN......i have another 8-hour shift tomorrow.

CAISEE....you better call me, missy.

{and as for last night}

i didnt sleep a wink.

here's to eight hours......and many more.


23 October 2008

{why do the bad things always find there way to my door?}

i want to scream. cry. pound the floor with my fists. i honestly dont understand why the news is ALWAYS bad. ALWAYS. even when its not bad, its never good. mediocre at best. i am just so furious with everything i dont know where to begin. im not satisfied with this current state. this condition that i am in. i just hate every moment of it. its like i keep running and go absolutely NOWHERE. and i am sick. and i am tired. and my feet hurt. my soles are worn thin. i feel helpless and weak and i have no reason for why....no explaination because it never gets better.

today i found out i will no longer be receiving a scholarship through general motors. they have eliminated that program...thus, i have to come up with another $1,000 for next semester. this, however, is just the beginning. if this continue the way that they are going, my dad says that he is going to lose his job. if general motors decides to tank, my father will no longer be able to support us in the way that we live right now. so what? we have to make a few sacrifices right? well, this scares the heck out of me. this country is on its way down the tubes. seriously. the greed. deceite. the money whores and war mongers. THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL. FALLING TO RUINS. and the thing that sucks, is that this "happy-go-lucky-american-dream" that we all paint pictures of in our minds, IS NONEXISTANT...or a fading trend.

wake up america! turn your back on God.....He is turning His back on us. seriously. we need to wake up. we are destined for disaster.

can i take this moment to say that i honestly hate humanity? i used to show compassion and love....thats what i am supposed to do right? i have no faith in mankind whatsoever and i want to laugh in the faces of those who do. i am sorry if i am offending anyone right now, but seriously...if we spent as much time and energy on THINGS THAT MATTER...on maybe Gods purpose for this hellish-creation....then maybe we wouldnt be in the mess that we are in! i hate people and their selfishness. they will all burn in hell. and i only fear is that i fall short of His purpose and join those hypocritical monsters who will wallow in their filth. SICK.

i mean, come on. NO ONE is better than the next guy. yet we prance around thinking we are the next best thing since sliced bread. i want to slap you in the face for even letting that thought cross your mind! i am nowhere near perfect. not even a fraction. but this isnt about me. its about God. seriously. neither one of the candidates can save you! NOT OBAMA! NOT MCCAIN! this nation needs to wake up and realize they need SERIOUS help that NO MAN can fix. does it honestly have to get SO BAD before we do anything about it? obviously not! look at 911. how niave we were then and how easily the majority of society has FORGOTTEN!

i am a pretty open-minded person...but i just see this generation turning into sodom&gomorah {forgive my spelling} our standards have been completely thrown out the window. its not hard to realize that man cannot produce with man! there is a reason for that! DUH!!!!! get over your feelings. get over your emotions. get over your freakin psycho-babble. TREND IS TOO EASY TO FOLLOW. i am so sick of society skirting around "ISSUES" trying to please everyone. YOULL BURN IN HELL. burn. and honestly i dont know what has brought all of this upon me....but i cant take it anymore...i cant keep winking an eye at things because i believe God is gonna let us kill ourselves. i believe that he is going to let us destroy EVERYTHING. we are well on our way. i NEVER want to be lots wife and look back. I NEVER want to look back at that past, former way of living. all it did was cause her death.


sorry for my language...but i am rather heated. i am just so sick. sick of what we've become. and how easily/quickly the spiral downward is....

seriously....WAKE UP.

21 October 2008

{and i can't pronounce rural}

ah....i have been tagged as well. the lovely natalia {whose personality, blog and artwork i totally admire and adore!} AKA lostteeth has made me a player in this pretty awesome bloggerific tagging game! {n. was tagged by her blogger friend miss sarah utter of snazzy bouquet -check her out as well!} anyway, this is basically how the game is played...

- Link to the person who tagged you. {which i did and you must do as well}
- Mention the rules. {duh, not everyone is psychic}
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself. {ha! only six?}
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.


i used to tease my friends about listening to "boy bands" {obviously this is still NOT my kind of music} but i did have a mini-obsession with the band plus one who i was convinced {or tried to convince myself} that they were NOT a boy band.

when i was searching for a picture, i laughed because the website i found captioned this under the picture: "Plus One is a Christian boy group patterned in the likes of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys but with a twist."

so i guess that "TWIST" must have done me in. hahhaha....i mean, the fact that they are NOT a boy band is so obvious....isn't it? hahhaha....


my morning routine consists of me blindly walking down the stairway, into the kitchen, to grab the coffee grinder and bag of starbucks coffee beans and create a beautiful thing...hahahah....i am not even READY to contemplate waking up until i have at least 3 cups of coffee {BLACK, mind you}...


i WILL NOT eat cow or pig....not only for reasons that i find it disgusting....but i hate the taste. however, i WILL eat hot sausage grinders or hot italian sausage in spaghetti sauce....on occasion ill even force down a hot dog...but i draw the line there!


my boyfriend and i share the same birthday {october 29th} but a year apart....because we are so smart...for months we thought we were born in the same room {since we were born at the same hospital}...that was until his mom reminded us of the year difference.


thanks to the show HOUSE, i now diagnose myself with the worst possible scenerio the minute i get a headache. i am slowly...yet progressively turning into a hypochondriac...

{let me not fail to mention that i have the hots for chase from house....hahha}


i love the emergence of the 60s & 70s...the art, the style, the freedom

ALRIGHT, so here are my six: YOU'RE IT!

1. caisee
2. adam
3. gala
4. mel
5. jacque-o
6. corrie