09 October 2008

{let the rain fall....down}

i miss heirs a lot sometimes. {bring back the memories...i dont want to forget}

{i probably wont get it done}

"The most exquisite paradox... as soon as you give it all up, you can have it all. As long as you want power, you can't have it. The minute you don't want power, you'll have more than you ever dreamed possible." -- Ram Dass

...i just want to finish my homework...

08 October 2008

{omg. photobucket}

i was bored and looking at my old photobucket pictures. caisee remember theseeeee?

07 October 2008

{miss frasier}

i must say, i really enjoy working with my 7th graders. i was able to spend all day with them {usually im only at the junior high about 3 hours or so} but today was a full day. its such a fun age group {contrary to popular belief}; i swear they don't transform into moody-sacks-of-hormones until about the 8th grade. in 7th grade there is some innocense left {in the most of them} SVSU is still working on allowing me to work with this class next semester during my student teaching. i can only hope! i was quite estatic to hear {from my host teacher} that my supervisor {from SVSU} was speaking wonderful things about me to her about what a good teacher ill be. i get so discouraged sometimes so this was really awesome to hear. i really like my host teacher a lot {as well} and she says that she will fight to get me to be able to work with her next semester. im so excited! graduation is soooooon.

tonight, i didnt feel like doing homework. i did homework all last weekend and completed A LOT. so...i made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies instead. i think i ate too much dough though {my weakness!} i honestly cant stomach eating any of the cookies. however my family has almost eaten them all! i also took a nap and almost finished my book!!! i absolutely am loving the twilight book. i thought i was gonna hate it. i said i would never read it. now i plan on seeing the movie. its such an interesting love story {im usually not into those types of books} AND its an easy read...so before bed i have been able to read lately. ah, its fun.

hmmm....what else to post? next week is going to busy, busy, busy compared to this lax week. i not only have heidi's wedding to photograph on friday {17th} but my teaching certification test on saturday {18th} then i am also going to the apple orchard with stephanie after the test {i will be in the flint area anyway} PLUS i actually work next week. *sigh* i should probably get all of that homework done tomorrow seeing that i will not have time next week! haha.

alright...time for {lovilies} and house!

oh and ofcourse....