04 October 2008

{the addiction}

so last night corey came over and we (me, becca and him) started to watch 40 days and 40 nights and it got me to thinking..."what would be life changing that i should try to see if i could do without for 40 days"...and i immediately thought of the internet. in the movie josh harnett gave up...well, all things promiscuous and picked up hobbies, etc. and got a lot done...i wanted to see how much i could get done today if i didnt go on the computer at all. i thought..."wow, this would be easy"...pathetically it wasnt easy! even when i was trying to do my homework there were things i needed to go online to check and stuff...it was bad....but in the same sense, i got a lot of things done today as well. so it got me thinking...how long could i go without the internet? {honestly, i dont think very long}ill admit, im quite addicted....so just like every diet i try to go on...maybe one day ill experiment with this and see if i can ditch the addition.

in other news, i went shopping yesterday after work and ended up buying a brown dress from the gap {as well as 3-pairs of wicked cute socks!!!} i plan on wearing the dress to church tomorrow, so ill try to take pictures.

as for other things i wish to buy...either with birthday money or ask for...

here are some outfits that i would like to create!!! and most of the stuff is from forever 21 so i could get it cheap!!!!

{a teacher-like outfit...imagine them together}

{for fun}

and ahhh yes, my urban outfitters "splurge"

{free people of course}

{anyone else notice that the waist-line is slowly on a rise? im kind of excited for this despite my old conceptions...i think this will help eliminate all the the "muffin-tops" and "plumber-crack" issues going around}

30 September 2008

{hello october, goodbye young lady}

yikes! i turn...23 this month...well october that is. this year i am poor...and need to get crackin' on making corey's birthday gift {for those who don't know...its on the 29th...we share the same day!!!} all this birthday talk got me to thinkin about what i want...im not much of a "ask-for-specifics" kind of girl. in all honesty, i dont expect a thing. i was never a wish-list kid...but in my should-be-doing-homework-instead-of-blogging endeavors, i found a lot of cute stuff i wouldnt mind replacing everything i own with.....i will post pics in a few b/c i cant get them to load again! grr...


okay....so some of these things i found on other peoples blogs already made up....i love the style of it!!!!

need i say more? this is so me.

hello! its yellow. i love it.

i could totally wear this teaching. i already have a white shirt that is almost identical!

*sigh* i really need {want} new clothes. mine are so worn out. {thanks sams club, i hate you}

ill post more stuff later.

29 September 2008

{i'm in class and i can blog, this is why i own a laptop}

hahah sort of. i am in class right now...watching an old school {im talking 1980's} video about hearing=impaired students and how to help them in a classroom. its hard to pay attention, ill admit. my brain is racking back and forth concerning all the work i have going on. like i told corey...when a million things get thrown at me, all at once, that is when i freak out. i get lazy because i dont know where to begin. i shut down when i dont know where to begin. i need to learn to take one step at a time.

my job has screwed me up again. okay....so for the next few weeks i barely work. i requested two days off: october 17th &18th....for the wedding and teaching certifcation tests...well guess what? i was scheduled to work. i dont know what to do....honestly, it keeps getting harder and harder to deal with...just extra stress i dont need....

tonight i would like to:

- finish my "phonics" flow-chart homework
- get my teaching stuff ready for my seventh-graders tomorrow
- organize my photo stuff
- work on birthday present stuff for corey

okay. class discussion time!


28 September 2008

{coffee breath}

might i take this moment and express what an incredibley horrible student i am? it is not that i get bad grades and things of that sort, it is just that...i am merely lazy. in all honesty, what good will making a chart about phonics do me? or completing 17 chapter assessments on classroom management? umm...probably nothing. no good whatsoever. and the reason for that is, when it comes to school work: i skim. when i read text-books, i don't comprehend...i just answer questions...i don't learn...i just find results...i don't get that 'a-ha!' moment...i just get my work done. which is why hours of this monotany will do me no good. put me in a classroom...show me what to do...consider it done. make me read a boring text-book that doesn't even slightly interest me...then you are just wasting my time. ironically, these mundane tasks are the very thing that hold my grade within grasp. ugh. dumb.

so...i am on my 5th cup of coffee {hold your briches...its already 4:30...} and have completed nothing.