26 September 2008

{i just want to sleep}

i am extremely exhausted. today was the longest 8-hour shift i have ever had. i know, i know. 8-hours is 8-hours right? WRONG. it was wicked slow at sams club tonight. tomorrow i work another 8-hour shift starting at 7am. yikes. i need a nap...or just go to bed now. i need to rest up cuz tomorrow is another photoshoot with cais. i cant wait.

alright im going to finish watching what not to wear and that seventies show.




25 September 2008

{go jim&pam!!!!}

oh i love the office.

but after that, i have uneasy feelings. hahha.....engaged?

23 September 2008

{mock orange}

im tired. very tired. today was an extremely long day and tomorrow only starts the beginning of a very long weekend. school has been rough this week. stupid pointless assignments {no exaggeration} and i keep missing significant amounts of points on them because i am lacking in ambition. you have to understand this....its my last semester before student teaching and my field work classes are requiring me to do VOCAB! and read stupid chapters...and do stupid summaries.....that have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything. then on top of it we go to field work. i lucked out this past month by not working that much...but two people got ko-ed at sams recently so ironically they were "short-handed".....go figure. needless to say, this is how my weekend goes {as follows}:

wednesday: substitute teach @ yale elementary {all day}; PE class from 4:30 until 7:30; pick dale up from drivers training @ 8; quickly make it home for the rest of bible study; finish paper to resubmit for higher grade

thursday: PE field work @ garfield elementary school from 8-9:30; work @ sam's club from noon til 5; homework; edit photos; **hang out with corey** {FINGERS-CROSSED}

friday: homework; sam's from 1 until close; depending on how late i get out....hopefully corey hang out time

saturday: sam's club from 7-3; photoshoot with cais!

sunday: church; BREAK!!!!! corey time!

monday: sams from 7-12:30; classroom management @ 1:3; homework

tuesday: field work @ yale jr. high all morning; class immediately afterwards

wednesday: BREAK!!!!!; see above thursday. hahah......

so i freaked out yesterday. last week i substitute taugh at emmett elementary for a kindergarten classroom. let me just say, OHMYGOSH. never. i could neverevereverEVER teach kindergarten. i wanted to pull out my hair...and it was only a half day. some people are cut out for that...not me....ill stick to my group of moody sack of hormonal adolescents. haha. anyway...the elementary school called yesterday. i couldnt get ahold of them until today. there was a "concern".....after long delay the lady finally spit it out "a child from your classroom has handfoot&mouth disease" i sighed in delight! oh? is that all? i thought i lost my job or something. but after that thought passed...i finally relized what the kid had. i immediately rushed home and wanted to shower a million times {even though that happened last friday}...whew.

ok. i said i was tired. now i must sleep.

CAIS! i loved all the stuff you picked out. {birds!} i love every idea.