15 September 2008

{ah, serenity....with a side of discord}

so right now would be the perfect moment...if it wasn't for the mountain of homework i need to tackle before i lay to rest tonight...that is, IF i get the chance. haha.

mmm....brisk cool air...i used to hate all seasons but summer {beach fanatic, what can i say?} but in my increasing years and developing wisdom {hahha...gotcha!} i've seemed to take an interest to fall. crisp leaves. cute thin jackets. {emphasis on thin...i still hate winter...its wayyyyy too cold} fuzzy slippers. chai tea. {mmmm! sipping it as i type}...the list could actually continue but ill refrain...since "discord" is calling...

ah, but before i get back to typing a paper and reading a book...i thought i would make mention of something else that occurs during this autumning months. my birthday. the song twenty-four {by switchfoot} has been echoing in my head lately....ironically, the first time i ever heard that song i was a teenager...and i said, "on my twenty-fourth birthday....i will make this my theme song"...next year, i turn twenty-four. ohmygosh...that seems so old right? yes and no. ive never been one to "want to grow up"....even when i was little, i loathed the digit-change. my birthday is a little over a month away...and yet, once again, i have bigBIGplans....no, not a party....big plans for my life. i need to stop whinning about the passing days and start living more. fulfilling what is still left. what is still to come. i worry too often....twenty-three will be the year for me.

speaking of "getting old"...tomorrow i start my student teaching @ yale middle school! its for a 7th grade....so help me god! hahah....i have been so excited/nervous i've wanted to barf all day....tomorrow's update should be good. hahha....

alright. enough with that.
i updated pictures on www.flickr.com/photos/defotography check 'em out. let me know what you think.

homework time!!!!


14 September 2008

{noah's ark}

why do so many people hate the rain? i find it serene. i find it refreshing.

it cleans away all the dirt. all the earth.

its a time of cleasing

i like showers, dont you?