13 September 2008

{i just need a nap}

its that simple. fifteen-minutes is all i am asking really....
i just got out of work a little over an hour ago...it was a long day...first of all i wasn't even supposed to work {which sucks b/c im not even on the schedule for the next two weeks} but anyway, they called me yesterday to come in today and work this children's miracle network cookout benefit thing...basically i was supposed to take people's donations and give them food...they told me "we need you from 10-3pm"....okay, cool...i could handle that..but when i got up this morning it was pouring. i dont mean sprinkles...i dont mean cats and dogs...i mean a flood of h2o was dumping from the sky...so, i sucked it up. packed my rain coat. got to work and they said "what are you doing here?" and i said "they called yesterday...blahblahblah" ...."well, its raining...its cancelled...you can hop on register"....so thats what i did...which was cool, i mean i got paid right? and i need money. anyway...i came home to a bunch of homework that was awaiting me....i finally finished my 17 chapters of vocab {no exaggeration...seriously} now i need to finish my chapter 3 and review...and that JUST for classroom management. i dont want to even think about my teaching reading class OR physed homework...*sigh*...i just want...a nap...

09 September 2008

{oh, rocky}

mr. votolato, i truly am in love. hahaha....your lyrics warm my heart and burn my soul. or something to that effect.

i have been trying to upload pictures to my blogger and it is being an old stick in the mud. i do suppose ill wait until tomorrow...

can i mention i dont appreciate my internet constantly kicking the bucket tonight? i swear if i see another Internet Explorer cannot dislay the webpage again ill freak. honestly, how can one write a blog if the internet fails to cooperate?

all this frustration is leaving my brain in a tizzy...so i think ill just retire to my bed tonight.

sweet dreams.

08 September 2008

{the rain competes with pete yorn}

for attention of my ears...i am in doze mode, yet, as usual...i can't sleep. i am not sure if it is a wind of manic, insomnia or if i just don't allow myself to fall into a trans...nothing that a good cup of coffee won't cure in a sleepy rush to school in the morning...

it's been a few days since i've last blogged. ironically i don't feel compelled to apologize for my absence, because i make and break promises all too often. it seems like the more time i have by not working, i have transformed into this blob of laziness...lacking more energy than ever...i don't "have" to be somewhere {except class} and i have actual spare time. however, all of this "free-time" has me spiraling down the treacherous cycle of educational doom as far as wanting to do homework ahead of time. yeah...its what? week 3 and "night-befores" are all too familiar.

man alive, i've failed to mention that i actually got to hang out with one of my best friends in the whole wide world {no...sorry bec&steph...it wasnt you this time} CAISEE!!! it was about stinkin' time. i thought my brain was about to explode b/c it had been way too long. 6-plus hours, my friends. it sure made up for "the club" sending me home from work after making me be there at 7am. {lame} we already have plans for this week and BIG plans for this fall. i am planning on setting up an etsy account so that i can begin to sell some of my work for trees like giants{the many "branches" of my creative- to some, insane- mind: prints, paintings, etc.}oh! but back to hanging out with caisee....we went to lexington for smackwater jacks and the perfect photo op....we discovered our own little "secret garden" highly inhabited with glistening spiderwebs...and their owners...tomorrow on my break at school, i plan on editing these pics...they came out rather cool {and fun, of course!}

i need to go shopping. i am in the market now for a writing/drawing tablet. oh, yeah. i probably should get a job first so that i can pay for one, right?...speaking of job, and this too has completely slipped my mind, but i applied to work at sears portrait studio. cross-your fingers, hail your mary's and pray to the dear god almighty {mostly this one though...hahaha} that i get this job...although, i am still hoping that cutting edge fitness will call me back. although it is decidedly so, that if both call back i will quit sams yep. you heard...er...read me right. im just sick of the drama...save it for your mama!

today i created a new work station for myself in my room. my tiny desk {burried under a sewing machine and ribbons, string, needles, material galore} was just not cutting it any long. im thinking i definately need to take a 360 of my room. you would just laugh. you walk in, see my full-sized bed immediately next to my 3-drawed-mirrored bureau, my new "workstation" {aka a sweet vintage 6-drawed dresser} which neighbors my tall dresser {with tv set on top} which stands right next to my keyboard amp...thus keyboard...then guitar amp w/ guitar stand {holding my acoustic & fender strat} which is right next to, don't forget, that swamped desk with my sewing machine cramp....oh and a walk-in closet. hahah....its quite a scene. but i cant wait to get everything in its place....its kind of a mess right now...project for tomorrow, right?

i decided, i need to become more healthy again. i have been eating way too may packaged & processed foods lately and its definately reflecting through my emotions, body language and my overall health. my body just feels like, blah. i did exercise today...but i am in desperation of getting my yoga on.

wow! tonights the novel i suppose. sorry....when i actually take the time to sit down and write...i could go on forever. {i'll shut-up now}

be good to yourself.