05 May 2008

i like to watch the show bones.

its mainly because the "star" is zooey deschanel's older sister....and well, we all know how much i adore her...so right now i am taking the moment to relax...ohhhh i am exhausted. i spent all day filling up one huge garbage bag with all the trash from my bedroom. unwanted papers and such. trash, i know. you are probably thinking...danielle! you are killing our planet. ha. i know, i know! sorry earth. i promise to try harder next time. i had to get rid of a lot of that stuff...my room feels a lot more clean, i guess.

tomorrow i have another day off and i should be studying for chemistry...but since i dont care much for that class or the exam...i am going to clean my car and relax all day tomorrow....why? because i can, i guess.

hahah....oh i feel so lazy because of this whole day. i almost feel like going to bed early even!!!!! hey....it makes up for the killer hours i pulled working at sams club this weekend.

well...i am going to do some surfin' the net and continue being lazy....laterrr