16 February 2008

find me connected again.

thanks to mel, i now have a phone again! hooray.....she let me have her old sprint phone [my number is still the same]

both yesterday and today i went shopping in sterling heights. the very thing i didn't really need to do, but did nevertheless. i bought this cute, black dress by Energie and some stuff from the disney store...a new curling iron and a pair of jeans from the gap [which i returned...long story]

ugh. well...im gonna watch some saved by the bell and get to sleep....


10 February 2008

just my luck.

isn't it ironic? i mean....i guess it is typical for me, so this must be why i am not stressing about it too much. curious? well, my cell phone is lying next to me in two pieces. how did it happen? well...i'm not 100% sure on what happened exactly, except it had seen brighter days...especially since about a month ago i dropped in on the floor at sam's club.....which as you can imagine, is not the bounciest. needless to say, it has finally decided to give up hope. oh, but don't get me wrong. it kind of, sort of works. the screen doesn't work, it just lights up...thus i can't see if someone is calling me or texting me. i also can't change it from vibrate to ringer now b/c of that. also, the numbers 3, 6, and 9 no longer work....occasionally they will....but usually not which means i can't check my voicemails b/c i have a number password and 9 just so happens to be one of the numbers i need. my plan doesn't end until august and since i don't want to renew my plan, that means i have to BUY a phone....i don't want to invest into a phone b/c around august i was planning on buying an iphone when corey and i switch to cingular again....we could cancel our plan now and switch to singular but it will cost us $180 a phone to deactivate with sprint. luckily, bob and erin both had the same exact crappy phone i have now, so they are sending them to me so i can see if they will work for the time being [they have iphones...] if their phones dont work [which ive heard from corey that bob's is actually duct taped...so we will see] but if they don't work i have no choice but to get a phone. i will cross my fingers!

valentine's day is coming up so quickly! i don't have a thing planned for corey. we made a pact not to ever get each other anything, but usually i bake him cookies and give him a card or something pretty small. i have no idea what to do for him this year. i will probably make him a card but i want make him something special to let him know how much he means to me. i don't like to get wrapped up in this "halmark-holiday"....but it is a perfect time to reiterate how much you love someone...even if you let them know every day.

alright.. its 10:16 and i am ready for bed. i have the dreaded chemistry class in the morning and then corey and i are gonna start working out afterwards. im kinda excited about that....i feel like i have no energy as of lately.

sleep time!