02 February 2008

can you be in love, even though you've never "met"?

some days i feel like my heart is in the west coast, but how can this be when i've never been? i haven't stepped any further west than my good 'ol state of MI...the east coast are where my roots have been planted. maybe its not even the west itself, maybe i'm just in love with the "idea" of it.

ever since i was little i remember wanting the california winds to whisk me away. i've mentioned this before, but i've always been a little "hippy-ish" ever since i can remember. when i was in junior high and my parted hair ringleted down to my waist, i was deemed "the flower child". i love the freedom vibe. the culture. the love. no worries.

i have since fallen out of this mode in a sense. i get so wrapped up with school and work, it sucks. i remember when corey first met me, he said one thing that drew him was how carefree i was. i want to regain this "less-stress" mode once more. i'm not advocating that i will pack my bags, drop everything and move to california...but i do know that something must be done to get rid of this mid-winter michigan rut!

i'm longing for sunshine...

...and these:

31 January 2008

when its cold i always get this way.

i am sitting here, waiting to watch "the rescuers"...a disney classic. every year around this time, i get in the "disney" mood. i cant help but watch toon disney and all of my movies, and just get really into it. maybe its because it makes me want to visit florida because its wicked cold or maybe its because it brings back whimsical memories of my childhood. times when my mom would rent them from the library and we would pop popcorn and cuddle on the couch under our castle tents made of blankets. oh how i miss those days....but i look forward to making memories like that in my future.

i got my hair trimmed today. the bangs are really short like i like them. the girl did a good job this time. tomorrow corey and i are going to spend the evening "out"....were going to go out to eat and then do some shopping at partridge creek and lakeside. he needs to get some clothes...and im sure i "need" to as well. heehee.

i cant wait.

mmmmm.....smells like dinner is done. we made chicken marsala [like olive gardens]...i cant help but in endulge!


27 January 2008

room for improvement.

man oh man. i need to begin to eat better again. the holidays roll around and a month later i'm still eating junk. here's to a new start...hooray!