04 December 2008

{santa's little helper}

oh! i am one happy camper today. i was able to work on my christmas cards ALL DAY today. i did absolutely nothing else! i love not having school. honestly. i am wicked excited for next week because i am going to start working on some of my presents. i have some tricks up my sleeve...but im keeping them hush-hush for now. 'tis the season!!!!

well...now my joy is coming to somewhat of an end...i have to go to work. fifteen days until i am DONE there....i still have to tell them. (cue in angels' hallelujah!)

until then,



lost teeth said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!!! wow!

Isabel said...

Those are the nicest Christmas card's I've ever seen. I hope everyone who receives one think they are as lovely as I do!