02 December 2008

{anxiety is my middle name}

it isn't really...but im considering it to be one of my future childrens names...seeing that i APPARENTLY am in love with it.

i hate to complain, i really do. but for most of you...all that you ever hear {or read} from me is COMPLAINTS. i hate it.

so where's the love today? school.

after student teaching this morning, i arrive to an already stressful situation: a substitute. not the fun kind...this lady is the devil reincarnated, i swear. she belittles, pokes fun and makes you feel completely inferior to her. a sub in college, you ask? well my professor has been out most of the semester with facial reconstruction surgery (she has skin cancer) ANYWAY this woman has so politely filled in (she teaches the same course but on the maccomb campus)...i could go on about how she chewed me out because i asked a simple question or assigned extra work to our class "because it was in the syllabus, even though dr. r didnt assign it"....but i wont...i will skip ahead to more exciting news...

i just so happen to overhear one of my fellow classmates discussing our "big meeting" tomorrow....with the head of the education department at svsu, etc. etc.....basically a meeting from 10-1 of all the "big shots" on the board. my classmates were talking about how we needed to bring our background checks and receipts from our finger printing and blah blah blah. supposedly "its all in the email"...the email i never got....the email i never got b/c my school email is bogged down by SPAM.

so i'm freaking out b/c apparently if i didnt have this information submitted by november 24th {or something like that} i was in big trouble. a million phone calls later {were talking, the head of the departments office, the yale superintendents office, the svsu-sc4 campus director, etc. etc.} i somehow managed to get SOME order. on top of it, i was informed that i hadnt applied for graduation yet. that would be nice wouldnt it? now i need to hunt down my transcripts...

all in all...headache.

now i still have homework coming out of my ears and NOTHING for corey for christmas...okay, so one thing. one stupid thing! and i dont have any money to buy anything else....i need a break so i can c-r-e-a-t-e.

{good luck chuck}

peace&love{send some my way...}

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lost teeth said...

i am sending some peace your way, hang in there! oh and halo says thanks for the birthday wishes! :)