12 November 2008

{well it has finally caught up to me}

all of this computer/internet addiction-ing has given me an astigmatism. seriously. i went to the eye doctor yesterday and "he said so"...i have to go back sometime this week and order new $100+ lenses...they couldnt tell me exactly w/o paying right there...and the reason i couldnt pay YESTERDAY was because somehow i left my wallet at home. believe me, i was frantic. i had worked at the junior high all morning and swore that i had, had it with me. when i couldnt find it i thought maybe a student stole it...but then i realized my ipod was still there {and besides i didnt have any cash in my wallet...but still}...after freaking out i called my siblings to check in the hell-hole-mess-of-a-room i have. i literally JUST cleaned it on monday....actually, you know what...i was going to go there but im not..for the sake of reducing stress.

***warning, skip the next paragraph if you dont care to read about my bagel and coffee...or eating anything nonetheless***

mmmm...currently i am sipping my daily {3rd} cup of starbucks coffee {black!..i am so dedicated to this routine, i literally walk down the stairs blinded by sleep and freshly grind it everyday} and eating a blueberry bagel...i think i am finally getting smarter. i went from the normal-sized teenage girl {actually smaller than a lot of my friends} who ate anything and everything she wanted to the slower-metabolized young adult who ate absolutely nothing {omg. that has HOW many calories?} to the maturing {hahah!} twenty-three year old who is beginning to understand moderation. for the past couple years i have stood in line to ride the vicious cycle of rollercoaster-dieting. and boy, let me tell you, it takes a toll on your body and on your mind. last year {even this summer} i would never THINK to eat a bagel. god forbid! too many carbs. but i realize now that when i dont let myself occasionally eat those types of things, i eventually binge like crazy. for instance, any sort of junk food i usually dont eat...but the minute i got to MA...i will disgustingly eat about a months worth in a week! it all makes sense, a little here and a little there wont kill yah...its overendulgence that will. i do still try to cut out the sweets b/c diabetes runs in my family...but dont kid yourself, i love to eat cookies and cupcakes and...all sorts of stuff {bagels!} moderation, dear friends! i hope this plan works out so i dont get a sugar-high rush{which usually makes me sick because i typically dont eat that way}

wow. i had to go back up above that paragraph of gobbley-goop and put a warning label...just in case anyone wanted to skip that rambling!

well, its almost 8am...i need to down my last cup o' joe and light a fire under my tush...i work at 9 and for some reason woke up extremely before i needed to today. i have class afterwards but i have a break in between, so i probably {most likely....im an addict remember} will be back on later.

i am wicked excited for the holidays by the way! my goal this year is to make at least one gift for everyone in my family/adoptive family {*cough*caisee/danny/corey/stephy/sarahann/and maybe if you're lucky...and i have time, YOU!*cough*} hahha.



Adam Robinson said...

wow, that's terrible about the astigmatism. i have one too in my left eye. i've had it since i was like 8 though...

and when i went to the doc the other day i had left MY wallet in my car! 30 miles away! yeah. it wasn't good.

and ANOTHER thing...i've been doing the moderation thing too. i bought a reese's yesterday b/c i can't just swear off chocolate. it won't work.

good post. :)

Anonymous said...

haha you make me laugh. danny and i would LOVE to meet up with you guys around lakeside tomorrow for some coffee and wonderful conversation. i actually have a story! let me know what time you guys will be down there and we'll figure out where to meet up! <3