17 November 2008

{pulling my hair out}

as you know, i've been quite stressed...but i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...FINALLY

speaking of hair..."hair" are a few more of my favorite things {boo. i know, i know. lame joke. haha}

{her hair}

{the cell & ipod need a little fringe too}

{well you tell me, what isnt to like?}

{dolce vita}

{i know what you are thinking...brrr!}

{ahh..lets not forget love-interest jenny lewis...haha..her green dress is amazing}

1 comment:

c.montgomery said...

that dress you might be able to find on ebay because it looks just like one Free People had last year!!! Its realllllly cute and I like Jenny Lewis too!!
Friday, hanging out at Somerset sounds like fun to me!!! I'm working on getting some bins out of my living room. Errr, I should be able to do that today haha, but gosh it gets frustrating seeing them. I don't have enough space in my apartment to store it and our little storage unit downstairs our key didn't work for, but I'm hoping they fixed that. I have my little tree up hehehehe! I am excited, I think you'll like it, so you'll definitely have to come to my little home here and see my tree. I have to get lights, because I used a tinsel tree this year, so its silver and I need lights on the white wire or whatever. haha I am picky, yes. So we should definitely go to Somerset and then to my apartment!!! What time were you guys thinking?!