18 November 2008

{my lord, its after 8:00!}

so i got home from student teaching at 3...took a nap until about 4 then briefly ate...i decided to lay back down on the couch around 4:30 and fell asleep until now! whew! i probably wont sleep tonight now...

more favorite things:



AmbulatoryCorrie said...

love those things! you have great style!

Anonymous said...

errrrr.... so i think we are going to have to take a rain check on the hanging out tomorrow. Danny got put on a new job and they laid off 15 people at Speedshape yesterday so he's not going to be getting out of work until late. :o( totally sucks in like a billion ways BUT what are you doing on Saturday? maybe you and I can get together and catch up! are you guys in town during thanksgiving? because danny has like 6 days off, we'll be in port huron but maybe we can all get together then and do something! let me know. <3