03 November 2008


its been a long time. i should have left you. with outta doubt. step....WAIT! i would never leave you. hahhaa....sorry i apologize for my lack of updates as of lately. i have been wicked busy {woah, i never said you HAVENT heard it before} anyway, its monday night...i am about to watch SNL's presidential bash 2008 and eat some oreos. i would say its a good way to begin a week...especially after the weekend i had.

speaking of presidents....ah...im still undecided....i think im getting an ulcer from this whole thing. vote for a "communist" {haha} or vote for someone who wants to give all of our jobs to the communists. nice...

my head has been cloudy for days. sinus' hurt to the max. i cant breathe and when i can its only half-hearted. on top of it my vision is wicked blurry. kinda freaked me out....still kind of does {im making an eye appointment tomorrow} cuz even with my glasses on i cant see very well. so yeah....ive been sick, what a birthday present!

speaking of birthday presents. i got a lot of cute things. maybe ill take pictures and ellaborate later. im so exhausted. my sister did get me a compilation curious george book! its wicked adorable and vintage-kid-like. i love it.

today i met my 5th graders. the ones i will be teaching 40-hours a week, no pay come this january. woooo! they were pretty cool. and i like my teacher.

i met up with stephanie today to talk about wedding pictures. i will be photographing her wedding next october. we drank coffee and chatted quite awhile.

tomorrow is class all day. THEN VOTE. for who? im not sure....but you have the chance to "make a difference" hahha.....great.

i got called sarah palin or tina fey 7000000 times this weekend. glasses? umm....brown hair? i dont get it.

obama is kinda fun to say. i dont know why.

oh politics.

this year is making history....i guess.

mccain looks like a turtle. and he is talking on snl right now...and is actually making me laugh...and its not just because of his creepy smile.

wow. im talking politics...hahha not really...im gonna watch the bash now. go watch it.

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c.montgomery said...

lol mccain does look like a turtle and everytime i talk about obama and biden i ALWAYS accidentally call him Obiden... It always happens, but I like it lol, it makes me giggle. hahaha anywho though, i have the breathing issue too, it tends to stress me out. i want to take a deep breath, but no can do... it doesn't happen often.errr, the faster these allergies go away the better! i went to the dr. though and he gave me a couple inhalers... although i have bronchitis or something so that could be why... ah well, you've have bronchitis right? how long does it take to go away, because i do not like the not being able to breath very well thing... it tends to make me freak. part of the anxiety issues i need to get over. hahaha miss and love ya girlie. <3