24 November 2008

{here and gone}

okayyyy. so i guess plans have changed. no becca + danielle time today.


c.montgomery said...

awww sorry you don't get to hang out with your sister. I would've loved to come, but I have been like sick for 2 days, errrr... I think I keep eating something that is making my stomach want to die. Who knows, haha. Its almost 12 and I can just now actually get out of bed. I hate feeling sick. Anywho my friend, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Danny has like 6 days off, so if you're not busy sometime this week, maybe you and i can find some time to go get a coffee or something! we'll figure something out haha <3

c.montgomery said...

Danielle... someone stole my art work. It makes me sad and frustrated and used and very offended. Check it out though, her site is www.heyinc.net and my stickers are under Sweetcakes and Babycakes on the left... so check it out. Its totally my work, I have the photoshop files. She thinks she didn't steal them because she 'offered' to pay. That's a HUGE story all in itself and I'll tell ya about it the next time we see you. Errrr, just want people to see my work hahaha Anyway though I hope you guys all have a super thanksgiving! <3