10 November 2008

{the first step is admitting}

...my name is danielle, i am an internet-addict...

yesterday my internet wasnt working. i felt like i had lost a child. part of me was missing. i didnt know what to do with myself. but, i seemed to have a lot more time in my day.

i baked our famous family-recipe rocky road cake {and ate a little too many slices}
i played guitar/piano with my brother for hours
i watched home alone and cleaned my room
i sewed the buttons back on my sweaters {the ones that have pulled off}
i restrung the strings from my hoodies that came out during the wash {from years ago}
i made my bed {gasp!}
i listened to music
i watched house {twice}
i ate more cake

i think i need a patch. or at least to limit myself. it was nice....however, i made up for it once it finally turned on at about 7 or so. i watched videos on hulu until one am. sick, i know.


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