05 November 2008

{boo for creepers}

im telling yah, if you ever feel the need to get hit on...work at sams...halloween started a new obsession for a creeper i had never met before...and it continues til today...

here's the story...so this dude walks into sams club {i was covering a "door break" at the time....you know the person who greets you then marks your receipt?...anyway} this guy walks in the EXIT door {brilliant one there} and decides to strike up conversation...basically it consisted of me standing there with a dulling highlighter in my hand, listening to a single-sided convo...i didnt feel compelled whatsoever to befriend this "young gentleman" {nix the gentleman thing...i mean he is definately in his twenties but...}favorite quote from the whole thing:

"wow. you're um...you're um...really pretty...i could like totally just stand here and talk to you all day."

can we say CREEPER?!?!?! i wasnt even talking!!! to top it all off he gives me his number adding the whole "i dont know if you have a boyfriend or not but..." tag to the end. ummm....yeah....sorry buddy!

my cashier "friends" [hahah} were all like "he gave you his number?!?! he is sooooo hot!!!!" i told them to have it. then hoped the whole thing would blow over....did it?


i get into work today and first thing that happens is a "cashier" friend of mine says "danielle, this good looking guy came in asking if you were working today....i didnt think it was corey though..."

knowing that corey would NEVER step foot into sams club {alone} i knew it had to be someone else. {SO IF IT WAS YOU LET ME KNOW} because all i can think of is that it has GOT to be that dude. my reasoning? he came through my line later today and the first thing he says is:

"SO what? is your phone broken?"

classy huh? i thought so too. basically he is one of those condescending types whose macho-man-im-gods-greatest-gift-since-sliced-bread-attitude/ego just gets angry when he is rejected.

in all honesty, he scares the heck out of me!!!...oi. whats a girl to do?



Anonymous said...

uh oh! you certainly attract the crazies my friend!!! i'll snap his neck. ;o)

Adam Robinson said...

oh no...two words:

restraining order!

boldness can be a good trait, but it can definitely be overdone.

Anonymous said...

i am SO excited to see you guys. Have you seen Iron Man yet? My mom was saying she missed you guys too, haha so we might just have to do something here at the parents house! <3

Anonymous said...

Danielle... i don't know if you could stand hanging out with me two days in a row, but would you like to go to barnes and noble on saturday for some yummy coffee? i was going to see if stephanie wanted to come too because she left me a comment a couple days ago wanting to hang out and it looks as though she's been keepin' in touch with you! hahaha so if you're free like around 11:30 or 12... we could hang out for a bit and catch up! lemme' know <3